Agate Collection - Silver Flurry Bracelet

Agate Collection - Silver Flurry Bracelet

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What was the inspiration behind our Agate Collection Silver Flurry bracelet?

Our Agate Collection - Silver Flurry Bracelet was originally a Klub KA release from our 2018-01 January Klub KA Stack. We offer the stack and our Flurry Bracelets in both Silver and Gold. We wanted a crisp, fresh design for our January subscription and we LOVED the silver metal paired with the tan/white agate stones we use as the focal point of this design. We named this design ‘Flurry’ because the design is clean, crisp, white and reminded us of snow flurries!

What stones are used to make Our Agate Collection - Silver Flurry Bracelet?

We use genuine white jade gemstone beads for the band of our Agate Collection Flurry Bracelets. Jade is an ornamental mineral and can technically refer to two different minerals, jadeite or nephrite. Jadeite is the rarer of the two and shows more color variations (black, blue, dark green, lavender, white, and red). Nephrite is found in a variety of light green shades and in creamy white.

White Jade is known to have several healing properties and is believed worldwide to help you feel calm, peaceful and purify the energies in your heart.

What is the best way to style the Agate Collection Flurry Bracelets?

Our Agate Collection Silver Flurry Bracelets can really be worn with almost anything. For a great contrast, stack it with some of our darker designs. This piece is very neutral, so pairing it with some of our lighter designs also works. Our Fall 2018 designs have a lot of neutral bracelets with unique stones that stack beautifully with this piece.

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Agate Agate Collection Bracelets White Jade

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