2018-11 November Klub KA

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What is included in our 2018-11 November Klub KA Stack?

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Holly Collection - Haze Bracelet

Our Holly Collection Haze Bracelet showcases 10mm Larvikite Stone Beads with faceted 18K Yellow Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel accents. Each stone bead is unique. Larvikite is believed to be a highly protective and grounding stone.

Farrah Collection - Mariana Bracelet

Our Farrah Collection Mariana Bracelets are made with lava rock stone beads (which can be used to diffuse essential oils) and quarter inch, chip larvikite gemstones. The gold accents are made with 18K Yellow Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel. Learn more about Essential Oils and KA Designs!

Our Pixie Collection Serena Bracelet is made with sodalite gemstones and round wood beads, separated with 18K Yellow Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel accents. Sodalite is believed to enhance self expression and promote creative thinking.

So ... what are you waiting for?

Add the 2018-11 November Klub KA Stack to your collection today.
Stack is 20% off for November 2018 only!
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