Agate Collection - Flurry Bracelet

Agate Collection - Flurry Bracelet

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April 30, 2018

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What is the history behind the Flurry Bracelet?

The Agate Collection - Flurry Bracelet was inspired by its predecessor, our Smoky Bracelet. The idea was to have a neutral bracelet that could be worn with several of our other designs. The Flurry bracelet is the fourth bracelet design in the Agate collection and was released in the late Fall of 2017. We wanted this design to have softer colors and more neutral tones. Our Flurry Bracelet quickly rose to be a collector favorite and has been a top seller since its debut.

What inspired the name "flurry"?

The chosen bead color reminded Crystal (KA Founder, Creative Director) of snow flurries, hence the name Flurry. The design was released just in time for the 2017 Holiday Season. The name really fits both the design and its release date. The beads used in the design are actually genuine white jade and were chosen because they looked so stunning paired with the tones of the lighter tan(ish) agate stones used in the focal stone of the design.

How does Kinsley Armelle suggest styling this piece?

This design really can be worn with almost anything. For a great contrast, stack it with some of our darker selections. The design is very neutral, so pairing it with some of our lighter pieces also works. Our Spring 2018 designs have a lot of pastel colors and the Agate Collection - Flurry Bracelet stacks with so many of our new pieces. Crystal loves pairing the Flurry Bracelet with her new Royal Fringe Earrings.

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Add the Agate Collection - Flurry Bracelet or Agate Collection - Silver Flurry to your KA Collection Today!

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