Meet Steven - Owner & Chief Operating Officer

Meet Steven - Owner & Chief Operating Officer

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Owner & Chief Operating Officer

Steven is the Owner and Chief Operating Officer at Kinsley Armelle. He was raised in Colorado but resides in Houston, Texas. Steven is a proud alumnus of Texas A&M where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering. After graduating from Texas A&M, he worked with ABB Group, a process automation company. Beyond Steven’s professional successes, he is first and foremost a dedicated husband (Crystal, KA Founder and Creative Director) and father. Crystal and their boys mean everything to him! After their first son was born, he felt like he was ‘missing out’ due to his extensive travel with ABB Group. Crystal’s Etsy business was really taking off and Steven knew that together, they could really build a sustainable brand and business which would allow him more time with their family. Steven helped Crystal to build her first website independent of Etsy so it could really be tailored to their brand. Eventually, Steven left his corporate job to help Crystal pursue her passion for jewelry designing full-time and today, they work as business partners and co-owners of Kinsley Armelle. Steven specializes in online marketing and business processes for KA.

We asked Steven some questions and here is what he had to say:
What is your vision for Kinsley armelle?

“I want KA to be a sustainable jewelry company that stands by our quality and price point for decades to come. That is why I always side with our customers. I want them to tell us when something doesn't meet their standards. We can always go back to the drawing board to ensure we tailor our products to our everyday customers. So what? Other companies may not operate like that, but we do! Our customer is always right and we will always put them first no matter what. I believe that this is the most fundamental concept that will allow Crystal to continue designing new styles and always bringing new trends to the marketplace.”

what do you think differentiates Kinsley armelle from other brands?

“Similar to my vision, I believe that our customer service differentiates Kinsley Armelle, however, regarding our products, I think we are constantly striving to find new designs and styles that our customers could not find anywhere else (trailblazing the fashion jewelry industry). After all, we started on Etsy, which was Crystal's handmade creations. She literally strung EVERY. SINGLE. BEAD. on the necklaces, drilled out the antler horn tips that she bought from local taxidermists, I mean, how crazy is that? I want to preserve that type of character and handmade feel in all of our designs. Growing our brand presents unique challenges and it is easy to "do" like everyone else. When you think of the road less traveled, I want to imagine KA being there, embracing uniqueness and offering products that reflect that style.”

Interesting tidbit
"I asked Crystal a question a long time ago, related to fashion trends:

Do fashion trends naturally rise and companies start tailoring their products around that trend?
Do companies strive to design new products that create the fashion trends?"


"In a nutshell, I want to continue to strive for the latter. I want KA to be a trendSETTING company. That way our customers can confidently show off their new styles and be ahead of the pack, taking the road ‘less traveled’. It is a constant challenge to ensure we are NOT diluted and just offering products that fit a generic mold.”

is there anything that you would like to personally say to KA collectors?

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and belief in Kinsley Armelle. Crystal is truly a beautiful soul and always strives to do right by everyone she meets in her life. It feels like a dream come true that she can make a larger than life impact when she designs a new piece and hundreds of customers decide to wear her designs. There were years of hard work and many disappointments along the way, but knowing how many customers we've influenced to feel beautiful and who take a vested interest in our brand makes it all worthwhile. It feels so good to be responsible for something that impacts so many others' lives. I openly embrace those challenges and feel grateful for the opportunity.”

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